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Back to Work!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

It is June 2021, and the country is returning to business as usual.

Masks are coming off, people are getting vaccinated and musicians are returning to work.

Surfing through 2020 was a real challenge for us all, and musicians and gig workers had the rug pulled out from under them. There is a common trend right now for all of us musicians to post on social media about how glad we are to return to our gigs. The basic task of loading our gear into our car, driving to the venue, setting up and playing a routine gig has a fresh, new satisfaction surrounding it. I share in that sentiment, for sure.

Of course, I moved here to the Kansas City area one year ago (May 2020) and there was

nothing happening for live music work, just like everywhere else in the country. It's hard enough to move to a new town and try to make connections and establish yourself, but during the Covid pandemic it was pretty much impossible. I had to bide my time and wait for the industry to re-emerge so that I could begin introducing myself to the musicians in this region. I have had a lot of success with that over the past week, and word is starting to get out that I'm here. This feels really good, and helps with my outlook and my career possibilities.

The past year also saw a great amount of social unrest and political anxiety.

With the current proliferation of social media there was a new phenomenon of ordinary citizens proclaiming their opinions and attitudes about politics in a way that never existed before. We all have our opinions and philosophical leanings and that will never change, nor should it. For me, it was mind-numbing to read the rantings and statements of many folks on social media when it came to the politics of 2020. Oh, boy. Those who were fans of the former President are still bent out of shape and they hate the new President. Those who support the new President hated the last guy and were desperately hoping and praying for a change. Which ever side you are on, it's up to you to be a kind person regardless of your politics. I'm glad the election is over and that the country is moving on. For the most part, social media has returned to the normal pictures, vacations, kids graduating and musician's gig photos.

As for my career here in KC, I am meeting new contacts and have some various options on the table. I have already been hired for over a dozen gigs this summer/fall with the top wedding band in town, KC Flo. This band plays to a click and tracks. The tracks are typically 30-minute mashups containing about 15 different song portions, sometimes even more. These arrangements are very contemporary and are suited toward the millennials and their short attention spans, lol. The repertoire is certainly different than the normal wedding band schtick, much more 'current' and d.j.-like. The pay is good, at least! I am also talking with other folks who are interested in my availability for their bands here in town. It's exciting to make a fresh start with new people and see how I can navigate the scene.

As always, my studio is at the ready for any client who needs bass tracks!

Take care, dear readers!


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