Blake and the Tobias Fretless

I've been playing this bass since 1989.

I played it on the Wind Machine records,

and so many sessions since.

It's become my signature sound.

Stringing them along.

Blake plays with G-Bragg and Michael Kang from String Cheese Incident.

Fifty is Nifty.

A guy who was born in 1964, playing a bass made in 1964, listening to a song from '64, with a magazine recognizing the Beatles coming to America in 1964.

Let the sun shine.

A little autumn sunshine in the studio.

At the Rocky Mountain Bass Slam.

Performing in 2015 with the Pedulla MVP I had won at the previous year's event!.

Performing with Vince Gill
In 2017 I played bass for Garth Brooks, Amy Grant,
Vince Gill, NGDB and Richie Furray on a televised
AXS concert at Fiddler's Green Amphitheater.