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A new vision for 2020

Hello dear readers, happy new year!

I can't believe I've made it to 2020. I have defied the odds for sure.

This is my first of many posts to Blake's Blog for the new year and decade.

2020, sounded so far away when I was a kid. Bring on the tech, what has taken

so long? I'm ready for self-driving cars...people are horrible drivers these days.

"I'll drive that tanker." -Max

I will turn 60 this decade (God willing) and in 2028 I will celebrate my 50th year of bass playing.

Other ginormous changes will be happening in my life as well this year and decade as I

head into my 'Golden' years. I am very excited for evolution and change.

Stay tuned!

To quote mentor and bandleader Joy Cayler: "Here we go, on it!"

I'm on it.

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