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Blake's Blog is back!

Hello friends, welcome to my latest post here on Blake's Blog.

I have waiting longer than I wanted to for this post, as my goal is to blog at least once a week.

I have been very busy lately, celebrating my wife's 60th birthday in Vegas, playing gigs, and working a lot in my yard and gardens. I have been 'off the grid' a bit over the last few weeks.

This will be a short post today, but I wanted to at least keep my blog alive.

I find it hard to maintain the level of energy and time required to focus on my career happenings these days. There are concerns I have about family and personal issues that have the priority in my realm right now, hoping to be able to dedicate more time and focus on the bass here...

I am still very much in the midst of addressing my own health and well-being, and navigating through the journey regarding my depression and anxiety. I recently had a genetic test done which was very enlightening, and as a result I now know exactly what medicines and pharmaceuticals are best for my body. Turns out the medication I am on is very, very bad for my genetic interaction.

I will soon begin a new medication that is the best choice for my DNA. Yay!

This genome test is fairly new, and I am glad for the advances in modern medical technology

that made it possible.


I have many ideas for topics here on Blake's Blog. We have only just begun.

My next post will address my thoughts on how technology has impacted the professional music business for the better. I started out with the 60's & 70's technology, and I have witnessed the evolution of musical technology and tools first-hand. I can't wait to write my next post about this!

In closing I shall like to try a little experiment. I don't know if even one single soul reads my blog.

If you read this, please email me through my website and let me know you saw/read it.

That will help me know whether or not it is prudent to continue with it. I have so much to share,

and some of it might be useful if not comical. Hit me up!

Peace and blessings to you all,



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