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Blake's Blog Begins...

Hello friends, Blake here with 'Blake's Blog'.

This is my first blog entry, be gentle.

I plan on using this format to convey all manner of topics relating to the bass, and the ups and downs that come along with playing it professionally. Where to start? There are so many things

to write about, gig experiences, studio sessions, teaching students, and general triumphs and tragedies from my career. I plan on posting once or twice per week.

One area I shall like to visit will be comedy. Lord knows there is a surplus of material to draw from. I could do a stand-up comedy routine about playing the bass, without having to make anything up. People say the darndest things about my work sometimes, it can be funny or it can be so ignorant that it is frustrating. Sometimes there are nice compliments, which is very cool.

It is important to keep it all in perspective and maintain a sense of humor. So, in a future blog post I will write about some funny bits and we will have a good laugh or two, maybe more.

I will also be addressing some professional issues, giving free advice and sharing my wisdom.

I will give technique tips, gear reviews and other bass-related gems of knowledge.

There will be posts about topics light and heavy, a glimpse into the realm that few have braved.

Playing the bass as a career for almost 40 years has provided me with a lot of experiences.

I have discovered that most people don't have any idea what I do. When I tell them I play bass

they often look confused (what does he mean, he plays BASE?) you can see it in their eyes.

Of course music experts and savvy people know what the bass is, but the majority of laypersons

don't have a clue. Even my counselor, who has multiple college degrees, admitted that she didn't know what a bass is. There you go, this is very typical. I shall try to enlighten those who need it,

and to entertain and enrich those who are in the know and looking for more nourishment.

I shall conclude with this tidbit, a pet-peeve if you will. My brother-in-law asked me, "Why does every single band play 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Van Morrison?" This made me laugh, of course.

Fact is, yes every band plays Brown Eyed Girl, and every band does it wrong. The bass starts this song, not the guitar. There are TWO notes on the bass before the guitar riff starts, yet ignorant bandleaders always point to the guitar player and bark "Brown Eyed Girl!" They don't realize they should be barking at the bass player instead to start that song. Tsk, tsk. Then there's the song's signature 'bass solo' which most bands screw-up because they aren't paying attention.

It is only six bars, no more. Oy.

Okay, that about enough for my first try. Check back later for a new blog post.

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