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BLAKE EBERHARD is a versatile full-time professional bassist.

 He tutors and teaches bass as well, both privately and in the public school system. 

Blake specializes in studio bass tracking from his own recording installation.

He can digitally send bass tracks to artists/clients anywhere in the world.



Blake is awesome to work with - always prepared, always creative, always enhancing our music with his magic bass touch.  He comes to each recording session with his own great ideas, but also collaborates easily with others.   The combination of his impeccable bass playing in all genres, along with his easy camaraderie and attention to detail, can't be beat! You don't just get a bass track - you get an underlying foundation that enhances the music you are creating. 

           -- Robin Holland, Flipside of 40

I have worked with Blake for over 30 years.  His ear, talent and expertise of his instrument along with his ability to play all styles of music is unsurpassed! Blake's personality allows him to adapt to any recording or live situation.  Most of all along with being an awesome bass player, he's a great guy!

You want to hire him!


 -- Steve Avedis

Award Winning Engineer/Producer


As a studio producer and live sound engineer, I have worked with Blake

in both capacities MANY times. 

He is always prompt, professional,

well-prepared and versatile. Whether he's playing fretted, fretless or upright bass his tone is always great!   He is always my first-call bass player and

a very dear friend.

--Nathan Marschall

Producer, Studio & Live Sound Engineer


Here are just a few of the Artists I have recorded with:

Wind Machine

Jennifer Burnett

Barry Ebert

Cynthia James

Barry Shapiro

Thana & Bob Harris

Teresa Lynne


Ramon Salgado

Steve Winston


Mark Bradford

Shotgun Lullaby

Steve Glotzer

Dr. John

Hearts Afire

Day X Day

Suzy Nelson

Flipside of 40

Richard Dean

Adam Rey


Ready to book a recording session with Blake? 


Call Blake at 303-888-1542

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Blake Eberhard Bass Studio 

(303) 888-1542

Contact me anytime!  I'd love to hear from you!

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