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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, and choices...

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

"Time to face the strange changes." -David Bowie

Boy, are we in a strange time, with the COVID health scare and all the sudden changes occurring in our realm. I think it is sad that so many businesses and services are being forced to close, and that so many folks will be losing income. I am also somewhat amused that those who have never really struggled financially can now get a taste of the poverty that most musicians endure throughout their entire career. "How does it feel?" -Bob Dylan


As I mentioned in my last blog post, 2020 is my most transformative and wonderful year thus far in my life. Pretty cool, to be 55 and finally seeing my life unfold with a new quality which has eluded me until now. Finally!!! Woo Hooo! Long overdue.

My wife (who is by far the best thing in my life) and I are moving from Denver to the Kansas City area in a few weeks. After living in Colorado my whole life, it is time for a cool change. I am retiring from my Denver career, and ready to launch my bass tracking business from a new home-base (bass). There are WAY too many people moving to Denver these days, this town can't handle the influx of people and cars. The resulting high prices for housing here is ridiculous, but it works in our favor for selling our house! In KC we have already purchased our dream home, and the Blakester will be living his best life ever! Plus the Chiefs are the Champs. I won't miss Denver, but I will always have a million memories, and the many friends I still have here.


Let's review the concept of choices.

"If you choose not to decide, you've still not made a choice." -Neil Peart

To "choose" implies that you are presented with options, and that you are capable of pondering those options and can then decide which option(s) to choose. Right? Right.

Here's a true story about two people I know quite well, who are both misguided when it comes to "choices". By sharing this, I am able to release this aggravation from my brain once and for all...

I was dating someone many years ago, and we observed a family with a mean-ass dad being a real jerk to his wife and kids. His young children looked miserable and terrified and unhappy.

I commented to my 'date' about the sad situation for the poor kids.

She says, "Well, you choose your parents." Wow.

It took me less than a millisecond to know that she was wrong.

A few years ago I recorded some beautiful fretless bass on an original song for a friend's cd. The song is nice, but there's a line in there about an unborn life looking down and saying, "Hey, I'll pick those two to be my parents." Again, wrong...human life simply doesn't work that way.

Not too surprising is that both of these people really adore their parents and never had anything bad happen to them with their parents. How convenient that is.

If we really had a choice, and could 'pick' our parents then why would someone pick an abusive or cruel parent?!? I would've picked Fred Rogers, Benjamin Spock, Danny Thomas or maybe Gene Wilder...someone nice, fun, non-abusive and pleasant. It is an insult to our intelligence to suggest we choose our parents, and furthermore is scientifically impossible.

This concept of choosing our parents is just wrong, and sad. I mentioned this concept to two different professional therapists who both have multiple degrees and are experts in their field. They both absolutely cringed when I mentioned this concept to them. I'll always remember the face they each made. Fact is, you can only make a "choice" when you are developed enough to be capable of choosing. Do you think you could ask a preemie in the NICU to tell you what kind of snow tires you should buy? Could a 6-month old baby make an informed choice on who to vote for in the next presidential election? Of course not. You have to be at a certain level of development to be able to make choices. Life does not create itself, it is created by what came before it. A cherry blossom comes out of a branch which previously existed, it doesn't get to choose which branch it will emerge from. It is basic science. Big sigh.

Let's just pray that when people do have children, that they do a good job with them.

My choice is to start a fresh chapter in a new environment. That's a choice I am capable of making, and am so excited about! Keep an eye on Blake's Blog, with the self-quarantine time I will be able to post more regularly. In the coming weeks I will be giddy, and will enjoy sharing news about my move and new happenings.

In the meantime, y'all take care and be safe. Practice sanitary procedures and kindness!

This blog post tested negative for Covid, but positive for mental health. Love ya!

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